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What You Need to Know About Podcasting

June 6, 2023
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The fifth article in our BRANDING BEHIND THE SCENES WITH HELLCAT covers what you need to know about launching a podcast as part of your overall content strategy.

The term “podcasting” was launched into our vernacular thanks to Ben Hammersley’s “Audible revolution” article in The Guardian in 2004. Described by Christopher Lydon, the ex-New York Times and National Public Radio journalist, as a combination of “the intimacy of voice, the interactivity of a weblog, and the convenience and portability of an MP3 download,” podcasting was hailed as a turning point in media culture.

Late last year, a Forbes article by Andrew Ellenberg provided more current insight into the impact of podcasting, noting that listeners can listen from anywhere and with less of a time commitment. The accessibility factor further solidifies the intimacy listeners establish with the hosts. “A podcast is often more raw and conversational, so viewers feel they interact directly with a friend,” Andrew added.   

This connection offers an immersive experience that allows brands to utilize podcasts to generate awareness, engagement and authority. From a strategic perspective, it’s content that has various tactical applications. In other words, investing time and resources into podcasts can yield a much higher rate of return because it’s diverse in the results it can deliver. However, to ensure podcasts are suitable for your brand, consider the following:

Relevant Format

According to Enterprise World, the eight most popular formats for podcasting are: interview, chatty, educational, solo, real-life & current events, theater, bite-sized and panel shows. To determine the proper format, it is critical that you clearly define your audience and understand which type allows you to meet them where they are.

For example, if you are targeting mothers with young children, consider the shorter time length that the bite-sized content format offers. Finishing a 20-minute episode while she folds laundry and her toddler naps is an easier fit into her lifestyle. Or are you a professional services provider looking to attract new clients? If so, perhaps an educational podcast that gives listeners step-by-step instructions or advice based on current trends generates future interest in hiring you.

Production Value

While it’s true that you can buy a mic setup from Amazon and find a secluded spot in your bedroom closet to record a podcast, quality really does matter. Facilities like those available at Hellcat Hangar offer new and experienced podcasters the ability to access state-of-the-art equipment and the counsel of professionals with decades in the business. All at affordable rates without a significant financial investment in recording gear, soundproofing and expensive resources.

As Brittany White and Tiffany Parke of The Deliberate Day podcast can attest, deciding to use Hellcat Hangar was a game changer. “Our goal was to start a successful podcast supporting, encouraging and empowering mothers. In just over a year, we went from zero listeners to over 5,000 downloads and a consistent audience,” Brittany noted.

“For two moms who didn’t really know what they were doing, starting a podcast was a bit scary. However, we know we would not be nearly as far along if we didn’t have the Hellcat Hangar facilities and the help of their team! We had a few months where we couldn’t make it to the studio, and our sound quality dipped, as did our overall quality,” Tiffany added.

Authentic Storytelling

Another popular podcaster who calls the Hangar home is Kristie Tobias, host of the Fearlessly Made Youpodcast. Kristie’s honest, thoughtful approach connects with viewers by focusing on answering the question, “What does it mean to own your Fearlessly Made existence?” She dives into conversation with friends, colleagues and other successful entrepreneurs to discuss a range of topics that encourage others to live without allowing fear to own their journey.

Her raw, playful dialogue with guests is filled with laughter, wisdom and unscripted moments. This powerful storytelling technique offers viewers a glimpse into her successes and challenges as well as those of her guests. However, Kristie credits the Hangar’s facilities with allowing her to take her storytelling to the next level.

Shifting from an audio-only podcast to an elegant show series gives subscribers an even deeper connection to Kristie and her guests. “The project goal was to increase reach, and we noticed a significant increase in viewing and subscriptions to the YouTube version of the podcast/show,” Kristie said.

Making it Happen

After determining the most appropriate format, the resources needed and how to effectively tell your story, the next step is to make it happen. From audio-only sound booths with the latest high-tech options to a full suite of studios to shoot companion videos, Hellcat Hangar has the perfect space for you to call home here in Pensacola, FL. To get started, simply complete the online contact form or book studio time directly on the site!

We hope you’ve enjoyed the third article in our BRANDING BEHIND THE SCENES WITH HELLCAT series. If you missed the previous four posts, check out Our Logo Journey: From Concept to Creation, Websites and Building Trust, Successful Social Media Strategy and What is Environmental Branding here on our Blog.

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