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Our Story

Learn about our vision and the historic building that became Hellcat Hangar

Founded by a local, tech-savvy father and son duo, the idea behind Hellcat Hangar far preceded its official establishment in 2020. Operating with limited space, David and Ben formed Hellcat Production––Hellcat Hangar’s precursor and sister company and provided clients with video creation, editing, and production services. However, their sight was always on opening a community-oriented production studio to accommodate Pensacola’s growing workforce of talented individuals.

Since their vision required a large amount of floor space and operating room, their dilemma was securing a location large enough to facilitate their full-scale plan. Fortunately, they crossed paths with an available quonset hut-style building that was originally built as a military hangar. And after grinding through several months of renovations, David and Ben transformed their new space into the production studio they envisioned The Hellcat Hangar.

But let’s not just sweep past this building’s interesting past and let it go unnoticed . . .

This historic military hangar was first used to warehouse Naval Planes when it was built. She––our building––faithfully stood by throughout the years and watched the Pensacola area grow and thrive. She has served a number of roles to the local community, operating most recently as an Army surplus store, and a makeshift movie theatre before that. It is thrilling that she has found new life as The Hellcat Hangar, and her transformation into a production studio will allow her to continue serving the people in this community for years to come.


What we strive for en route

Our venture is to build a thriving network of individuals and opportunities centered around the production arts and media. We strive to provide exceptional service as a production studio, valuable insight and education, and to enrich the overall industry across the Gulf Coast. We open our doors as a business, a venue, and as a community event center–but in all manners, our doors are open to cultivate a culture of togetherness.


The foundation we operate from
  • Providing Opportunities
  • Empowering Others
  • Advancing The Industry
  • Self-Accountability
  • Professional Networks
  • Mentoring & Education
  • Creative Integrity
  • Captivating Production

Digital Production Assistance

Our sister company, Hellcat Productions, can help you make it great.

If you need assistance with the technical side of videography–Restructuring, Editing, Enhancing, Transitioning, Sound Quality–we invite you to get in touch with Hellcat Productions. They offer affordable production services and industry experience.


Additional insight to browse

If you don’t find the answer to your question, please contact us and we’ll be happy to follow up with you.

Q: Can I visit the space before I book studio time?

Yes, of course. Feel free to contact us to set up a brief tour. Someone from our team will be happy to show you around and answer any additional questions you have.

Q: What if I need more studio time than what I signed up for?

Additional studio time may be added depending on availability, but it is strongly encouraged that your budgeted time adds a buffer for your flexibility. Availability of more studio time is not guaranteed if not scheduled ahead of time.

Q: What about spill-over time?

Setup and breakdown time is to be factored into the time needed for your project. Spill-over time will be evaluated on a case by case basis but is discouraged in order to maintain a professional environment. Consideration to your fellow Hellcats is a value greatly appreciated.

Q: Can I bring my own camera or other equipment?

Yes, you can! The main perk of the Hangar is the space. Equipment is available as scheduled, but not necessary if you have your own equipment and just need the space.

Q: What is the group size allowed per studio setup?

There are different studio setup options available and will be discussed when scheduling.

Q: I’d like to contribute an article to your LEARN page, who should I contact?

Feel free to contact

Give 'em Hell

Our rally call in support of all those involved in production art & media.

The industry operates across a diverse spectrum of outlets, styles, skill-levels, audiences, and nuances. But shared is the common and consistent goal to complete exceptional production projects to captivate viewers. We support you and want to see you excel– so together, let’s Give ‘Em Hell!

Hellcat Hangar production studio space