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5 Benefits of Hellcat Hangar Membership

May 4, 2021
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Becoming a Member at Hellcat Hangar offers a variety of exclusive benefits to make every aspect of your production projects and events run as efficiently as possible. Here are the top 5 reasons to secure your membership today!

  • Cost Efficient: We offer a variety of membership levels to meet any budget and find ways to customize packages to get you the most bang for your buck. On average, members save 20% less per hour for rental space depending on the package or level of customization they select. Our goal is to save you money and help maximize your profit margin.
  • Guaranteed Access: Because we offer a limited number of memberships and allow members priority access to space, you are guaranteed availability when you need it. Due to the nature of the video production industry, this gives you the ability to respond to quick-turn projects, last-minute changes or additions, as well as prioritizing work as you see fit.
  • Networking Opportunities: One of our primary goals with Hellcat Hangar is to establish and nurture a sense of community for visual communications professionals. Our memberships take that a step further by creating a communal space filled with creatives from all different walks of life. This coworking setup fosters opportunities for interaction, leading to potential collaborations down the road or educational sidebar conversations. It’s like an office without all of the internal politics and drama!  Plus, Hellcat Members receive VIP access to our annual events and monthly Jam Sessions here at the Hangar.
  • Online Promotion: We understand the importance of helping you tell your story and promote your work. Our members are featured on the Community page right here on our site with links back to their site. Additionally, we will share regular social media posts on our page about members and their projects and reshare content from their branded platforms. 
  • All-Inclusive Amenities: With three primary setups that are each scaled differently, members have the ability to work within a space that fits the scope of your project. These setups are available as turnkey environments or can be easily customized to function with additional equipment you bring to the Hanger. Of course, we know the importance of agility, so makeshift adjustments on the fly are never an issue. Specific amenities available only to members include access to the lounge/common area, desks and chairs, as well as a control board or booth. For more information, check out the complete list of what we offer.

In addition to these benefits, the investment in becoming a Hellcat Hangar member provides peace of mind and a dedicated environment that supports the creative process. Our space is truly your space, and we’re excited to find ways to partner with you. Learn more about our memberships or contact us today to reserve your membership and find the plan that works for you! 

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